Seeking educational excellenceAl Futtaim Real Estate partners with the American University in Cairoto empower tomorrow’s architects

Cairo –September 2023 Al-Futtaim Real Estate in Cairo and the American University in Cairo (AUC) have partnered to solidify their commitment to enrich the educational experience of architecture students. This collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate professional experiences and insights into academic learning, creating a transformative journey for students.

“This agreement is a testament to our dedication to education as one of the cornerstones of our strategic vision,” Eng. Ashraf Ezz El Din, Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Real Estate (AFRE), stated, expressing enthusiasm for this groundbreaking initiative. “We believe that this collaboration with the American University in Cairo will not only empower young minds but also contribute to the development of the architectural landscape in Egypt. It signifies a pivotal moment in the world of architectural education, where academia and industry seamlessly converge to shape the future of potential architects, leaving an impact on the architectural landscape in Egypt.”

Under the terms of this agreement, AFRE and AUC will embark on a series of collaborative activities that will redefine architectural education. This partnership will offer exceptional AUC students the opportunity to intern with AFRE, where the students will gain hands-on experience by shadowing professionals on active projects. Moreover, tailored exposure programs aligned with AFRE’s operations will be implemented to provide a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

The most anticipated program of this collaboration is the Real Estate Academy and Internship program, where selected students will engage in a comprehensive learning journey. This journey will feature lectures and coaching by industry experts, site visits to ongoing projects, and active participation in work-related activities. The program will earn the students’ valuable internship experience with AUC and expose them to real-world challenges.

Design studios and workshops will form an integral part of this partnership. AFRE will collaborate closely with AUC to develop and execute these initiatives. These studios and workshops will provide students with opportunities to tackle real-world industry challenges, fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Additionally, AFRE will sponsor research and design competitions that invite students to contribute their creativity to real projects and address industry-specific challenges. These competitions may even lead to the implementation of winning ideas, further enhancing the practical relevance of the students’ work.