GoDaddy Celebrates International Women’s Day by Sharing 6 Entrepreneurial Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Selina Bieber: “In honour of International Women’s Day, GoDaddy is thrilled to support and encourage every woman who has been nurturing an idea to take a step towards achieving entrepreneurial success and flourishing in the online world.”

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, celebrates International Women’s Day by promoting female entrepreneurship. GoDaddy has shared 6 optimal actions and tips to inspire women who want to venture into the world of business and reach their potential.

Selina Bieber, Senior Regional Director for MENA Region, GoDaddy said:” In honour of International Women’s Day, GoDaddy is thrilled to support and encourage every woman who has been nurturing an idea to take a step towards achieving entrepreneurial success and flourishing in the online world.”

Bieber has also described Egypt as the “ideal place” for starting a new business, referring to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor*survey, which has found that Egypt, out of 47 countries surveyed, is one of the most supportive environments for entrepreneurship.

Since more women are opting for the digital lane to achieve entrepreneurial success, here are GoDaddy’s suggested tips and key actions to consider:

Lifelong Learning: Owning and running a successful business requires life-long learning and all entrepreneurs must learn to move and adapt to a fast-moving business world to both survive and capitalise on their early successes. Surround yourself with people and chances to learn and build your armory of tools to help get your business – and yourself – through any eventuality. Take advantage of the many great resources available both online through virtual classes, development and learning, as well as in-person sessions, workshops and lectures in the Egypt.

Build a diverse support network: Many entrepreneurs are driven individuals, but it’s human nature and a very wise business attitude to have a supportive network or team around you. Seeking support, wisdom and a trusted sounding-board to help you through the first steps of running a business is invaluable, harnessing diverse thinking and lived experience that helps you look at the obstacles you’ll face and overcome in a number of different ways.

Become more agile: Now more than ever, and particularly as we emerge from the pandemic, there’s even more need to be nimble and make critical business decisions with few certainties and with little time. Learn how to think fast and be on your feet, how to avoid getting bogged down and how to go with your instinct, or call on your trusted support team to quickly bounce ideas off before you take the plunge with a tricky issue.

Ask the difficult questions: You won’t know the answers to everything that comes your way, and the fear of that might hold you back from doing the right thing. But an attitude of being able to ‘just ask the question’ can be a huge asset to keep you moving. As you start to slowly, but surely, build up your knowledge of what your business needs, and the actions you need to take, you’ll grow in confidence and learn that few things need to stand in your way. Seek experts – whether that’s family members, friends, Facebook groups in related topics, or pick up the phone and talk to someone who’s been there and done it already.

Dream real, but dream big too: You started your business because you have a big dream that is close to your heart, a vision you want to see realised. But the realities of life may get in the way. Your passion, your story, and how to you share it can have a big impact to inspire others to join you to make it happen. Ask yourself; what motivated you to start this venture in the first place and what you wish to achieve. Have realistic goals, but grand ambitions – and take good people with you.

Have a strong online presence: Your audience, customers and influencers are online, so you need to be there too. Create your own exposure, interact and listen to your customers and build and maintain relationships with those who will buy into your idea and product. It’s really easy to get started – take some simple steps to build your online presence with a website, even if that’s just one page to get started. Buy your business’s domain name and use a website builder from companies like GoDaddy which will give you templates, tools and resources that help you make a great impact and take the pain out of getting your platform up and running. Now it’s time to start cultivating and building your digital presence through social media posts and engagement and further developing your site with blogs and other updates.

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