GoDaddy Brings its Extensive Global Experience to Empower Entrepreneurs’ Digitalization in Egypt

Bieber: “GoDaddy expands in the MENA region with Arabic Website Builder and E-Store, to help improve accessibility for Egyptian and Arab users.”

·    GoDaddy to launch online training in partnership with “Startups Without Borders” to enhance entrepreneurs’ knowledge and skills in the MENA region.

·    Bieber: “60% of GoDaddy surveyed entrepreneurs intend to build a website, as they think it was proven crucial during the pandemic for reaching new customers and retaining current ones.”

Cairo, Egypt – 16 February 2021 – GoDaddy Inc., (NYSE: GDDY) the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, held a virtual media roundtable to proudly announce its expansion into the MENA region, with a focus on Egypt, UAE and KSA. GoDaddy, with more than 20 years of experience supporting entrepreneurs looking to start a business or digitalize their own, showcased how the company is leveraging its extensive knowledge and milestones with the Egyptian market.

In support of Egypt’s ‘2030 Vision’ to empower youth and implement digital transformation in all of the state’s sectors, GoDaddy reinforced its commitment to providing education for increased digitalization by joining with Startups Without Borders (SWBs). Together they will deliver ongoing training workshops designed to bring added value to attendees, across the region.

The partnership with Startups Without Borders entails launching “Start and Grow Online with GoDaddy” training that aims to educate 500 entrepreneurs and small businesses owners from across the MENA Region. The Training Program is focused on building an online presence using GoDaddy’s tools and solutions, leveraging Startups Without Borders strong network of partners and its community of entrepreneurs to deliver additional community workshops and mentorship hours.

“GoDaddy is excited to grow in the MENA region, including in Egypt, as it enjoys a large youth population, making it an aspiring market for entrepreneurs with vast opportunities for digitalization,” said Selina Bieber, Senior Regional Director for MENA Region, GoDaddy. “According to our GoDaddy survey with Egyptian entrepreneurs, 60% of respondents said they intend to build a website, as they think it has proven crucial during the pandemic for reaching new customers and retaining current ones. While only around 25% of the entrepreneurs surveyed said they already have a company website. Moreover, 81% surveyed consider digital adaptation to be very important towards achieving Egypt’s ‘2030 Vision’. At GoDaddy, we look forward to supporting digitization needs by sharing information about the benefits of being online, in addition to GoDaddy’s easy to use and affordable Website Builder and E-Store online tools, now available in the Arabic language.”

GoDaddy provides the tools necessary for small business owners and entrepreneurs to succeed online by offering them cost effective and easy to use online tools to create an effective and memorable online presence. From fast and secure hosting plans, to professional email helping to build a competent image, along with online marketing tools empowering entrepreneurs to reach their customers with an SEO-friendly website.

In addition to its Arabic website ( Improving accessibility for Egyptian and Arab users, GoDaddy now provides an Arabic Website Builder and E-Store, backed with expert and personalized support. This product allows customers to build and publish their websites in Arabic language, creating a more user-friendly experience for both small business owners and their customers.

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