Embracing New Roles and Upskilling TalentsCapgemini Unveils the Transformative Power of Generative AI

Cairo, August, 2023: Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing services, has published a comprehensive report that unveils the revolutionary impact of generative AI as a catalyst for innovation, reassuringly addressing concerns of disruption. The comprehensive report, entitled ‘Harnessing the Value of Generative AI: Top Use Cases Across Industries’ underscores the overwhelmingly positive outlook among executives, with 74% expressing their confidence in the technology’s substantial advantages over any associated concerns. It also addresses the profound effects of generative AI on Capgemini’s strategies and operations.

In the realm of transformative technology, Generative AI has now reached one more threshold, gaining broader recognition and heightened public awareness. This innovative capability, known for producing invaluable insights like automating customer service chatbots, enhancing knowledge management, and facilitating product and service design, stands as a growth opportunity. Organizations are experiencing a significant surge in demand for services harnessing the power of Generative AI technology.

“Generative AI is a game-changer that paves the way for innovation and dismisses concerns of disruption, creating new roles and opportunities for different sectors,” said Hossam Seifeldin, CEO of Capgemini Egypt. “Capgemini recognizes the importance of deploying generative AI responsibly, reliably, and sustainably, as well as the critical significance of providing the needed tools and environment to develop and enhance skills. As a result, we are making a substantial investment of €2 billion in AI, developing a diverse portfolio of industry-specific offers, and forging strategic partnerships, notably with industry leaders like Google Cloud and Microsoft.”

“Concurrently, we are actively training the majority of our workforce through our Data & AI Campus, empowering them to fully leverage the power of generative AI in our operations. With many client projects underway and a strong pipeline, we aim to double our Data & AI teams to 60,000 within the next three years. The commitment to providing upskilling, training, and development programs underscores Capgemini’s dedication to empowering Egypt’s capacity-building ecosystem, equipping the workforce with essential skills to embrace generative AI’s full potential while contributing to Egypt’s sustainable development strategy” Seifeldin added.

Investment in the Future

Capgemini’s preparation for the generative AI era is deeply rooted in training and upskilling its workforce. With the establishment of a Generative AI Lab, the company is poised to explore relevant use cases and collaborations for its clients. Capgemini’s strategy of investing €2 billion over the upcoming 3 years aims to strengthen its leadership in Artificial Intelligence. This will cover its teams, portfolio, partnerships as well as a Generative AI Lab to research the most relevant use cases and collaborations for clients.

With a focus on customer experience and operational efficiency, the company sees generative AI making tangible impacts. Executives anticipate not only a more efficient design process but also inclusive products, interactive customer experiences, and automated support services. The potential of generative AI to enhance various aspects of business operations remains a cornerstone of Capgemini’s vision for the future.

Pioneering Change Through New Roles and Skill Enhancement

The report emphasizes the rise of generative AI as an enabler for broadening knowledge workers’ roles. With executives foreseeing an 8% increase in sales and a 7% decrease in costs within the next three years, generative AI presents unparalleled opportunities. Additionally, the emergence of new roles like AI auditors and AI ethicists due to generative AI’s rise has led 68% of executives to emphasize the significance of investing in reforming and refining the skills of existing and new employees to harness the technology’s full potential.

As generative AI reshapes industries, Capgemini envisions a surge in specialized roles within the organization. These roles, such as prompters, Generative AI architects, trainers, and control models specialists, reflect the dynamic nature of the generative AI landscape. The company’s commitment to enrich and advance its workforce’s skills across these roles underscores its drive to adapt and excel in the evolving technological landscape.

Elevating Innovation via Generative AI Integration

Generative AI, capable of producing valuable insights, has swiftly become a top agenda item in boardrooms worldwide, with 96% of executives acknowledging its significance in strategic discussions. The report showcases generative AI’s profound impact on key industries and the potential for driving innovation. The technology’s integration, especially in IT, sales, marketing and communication is expected to lead to a surge in operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Capgemini’s forward-thinking approach extends its offers to clients. The company has launched four distinct offers as part of its generative AI portfolio, catering to various business needs. From “Generative AI Strategy” which empowers CXOs to define and prioritize use cases to “Generative AI for Customer Experience” which enhances hyper-personalized customer interactions, Capgemini’s innovative portfolio showcases its dedication to providing tailored solutions that leverage generative AI for transformative business outcomes.

High-Tech Sector Leads Generative AI Integration

The high-tech industry emerges as a frontrunner in generative AI integration, with 84% of executives expressing confidence in its positive overall impact. Demonstrating their commitment to innovation, 70% of organizations within this sector have already initiated generative AI pilots, and 18% have successfully implemented the technology in selected locations or business functions.

In the realm of operational efficiency, generative AI serves as a coding assistant for software development, a content creation tool for marketing and communication teams, and a support function enhancer. These applications are poised to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and elevate the overall efficiency of various business operations. Looking further ahead, Capgemini envisions intriguing use cases in product design and R&D, where generative AI can play a pivotal role in developing innovative products such as new molecules or lighter components for industries like automotive and aerospace.

Generative AI Sustainable Implementation

Sustainable implementation of generative AI is also a priority, with nearly 80% of organizations understanding the criticality of adopting a sustainable approach. However, it’s clear that more concrete efforts towards sustainability are necessary, with only half of the organizations planning to train their own models and taking steps to mitigate their environmental impact.

Sustainable implementation of generative AI is not only a collective priority but also a testament to Capgemini’s commitment to responsible technology integration. Recognizing the significant role of upskilling and empowerment in achieving sustainability, Capgemini has taken decisive steps to lead by example. The group is actively training and upskilling its employees, equipping them with the skills required to ensure that the adoption of generative AI aligns seamlessly with environmental stewardship.



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