MPR Communication Rationale

“Perception is reality”; therefore,  for any communication to be effective we need to be thoroughly aware of insights on how all stakeholders perceive our clients.

Audit Research & Analysis

A media/stakeholders audit is the foundation for a focused communication strategy. Armed with information on the perception of your organization, your competitors and your sector will help set the right path for a targeted communication strategy, with clear objectives and timely deliverables.

Strategic Workshop

A Strategic Workshop acts as the cornerstone of the whole communication campaign.

It requires the interactive contribution of the key executives (e.g. senior management, HR, communication dept.) together with the PR team, so as to unify and agree on the company’s strategic imperatives.


Media Outreach

  • Media Activities
  1. One-on-one interviews.
  2. Feature stories.
  3. Media events.
  • Thought leadership opportunities
  1. Live.
  2. Online.
  3. Offline/Traditional.

Community Outreach

  • CSR Initiatives
  1. Trainings/ internships for youth.
  2. Tailor made community service projects.

Social PR

  • Outreaching influential key stakeholders
  1. On the ground activation.
  2. Engaging activation.
  3. Digital campaigns.

Third Party Endorsement

  • Third party Endorsement
  1. Recruiting campaign champions to speak on the client behalf.