BASF Agriculture Solutions Sets New Standard with Versys™ Insecticide: An Innovative Solution for Aphids and Whitefly Control• BASF achieved an impressive €87.3 billion in sales during 2022.• BASF aims to increase its sustainable solutions with an annual increase amount to 7% towards eco-friendly alternatives• Whitefly, Jassid & Aphids cause crop losses up to 40%

Cairo – September, 2023: BASF Agriculture Solutions, a global leader in Agri-Solutions industry and a segment of the world’s largest chemical producer, BASF, is proud to unveil its latest innovation, Versys™ Insecticide. This groundbreaking product emerges as a cutting-edge solution, heralding a significant leap forward in responsible pest management. It offers farmers a powerful tool to combat whitefly, Jassid & Aphids while aligning perfectly with their pursuit of successful agricultural practices.
BASF stands as a global leader in the chemical industry, forging a path towards a future driven by pioneering chemistry innovations… Rooted in its core values is an unwavering commitment to striking a harmonious balance between economic prosperity, environmental preservation, and social responsibility. With a workforce of over 111,000 devoted professionals spanning the globe and a root in Egypt trace back to 1952, BASF achieved an impressive €87.3 billion in sales during 2022.
“We are thrilled to introduce Versys™ Insecticide, a testament to our commitment towards advancing agricultural practices,” states Magdy El Sobky, Regional Manager Agricultural Solutions at BASF Agriculture Solutions. “This innovative product is a result of our unwavering dedication to research and development, exemplified by a €879 million expenditure in 2022 alone. This commitment underscores BASF Agriculture Solutions’ vision to provide state-of-the-art solutions and products of the highest quality, steering its portfolio towards eco-friendly alternatives. We aim to provide farmers with not just a solution, but a ‘Knockout’ product that harmonizes productivity and stewardship
“Agriculture faces the challenge of finding the precise balance between productivity and responsible practices, and with Versys™ Insecticide, we offer a solution that incorporate this balance. It effectively eliminates whitefly, Jassid & Aphids, prioritizing the well-being of bees. By harnessing a unique mode of action subgroup (9D) with no known cross-resistance, Versys™ Insecticide empowers farmers with unparalleled control over these key pests while ensuring long-term resistance management,” Magdy elaborated.
Versys™ Insecticide boasts a multitude of features that redefine pest management, such as its swift action and extended lasting effectiveness that disrupts pests’ sensory responses. Notably, its minimal impact on beneficial insects and pollinators ensures the health and development of colonies. The product’s compatibility with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs aligns with BASF’s commitment to working in harmony with nature. Additionally, the innovation’s distinctive mode of action, belonging to IRAC Group 9D, ( as Inscalis the AI of Versys is the 1st & the solo AI in IRAC Group 9D ) stands as a resilient alternative to products with dwindling performance.
Whitefly, Jassid & Aphids are notorious for inflicting up to 40% crop losses. Their damage includes nutrient absorption from plants, leaf deformation, yellowing leaves, honeydew secretion followed by sooty mold, and virus transmission like TYLVC and leaf curl virus in tomatoes, significantly compromising crop quality and yield.
BASF Agriculture Solutions’ dedication to sustainability echoes through its core. As a global leader, the company is committed to a goal of 7% annual increase in sustainable solution offerings underscores its focus on steering its portfolio towards eco-friendly alternatives.