Allianz Life Assurance in Egypt Becomes Exclusive Partner of Human Power Association

Cairo, 1 March 2023 – Allianz Life Assurance in Egypt announced today that it had entered into a partnership with Human Power Association – Egypt (HPA) to enable HR specialists to grow and succeed in their pursuit to realize excellence.

This way Allianz becomes the exclusive insurance partner of HPA, offering exceptional services to the association members, whether individuals or companies, as well as sharing and exchanging managerial expertise with them.

Based on the deal, Allianz will offer diverse insurance solutions designed especially for companies and their employees such as life insurance, medical plans, and different retirement plans. The association encompasses a huge number of those operating in human resource management including field leaders.

Through this partnership, Allianz seeks to effectively contribute to developing and enabling the human factor by providing the best tools and practices and holding several events for the association’s members.

Moreover, the company works on providing and boosting insurance consultations and opening the door for the sector to benefit from such services offered to companies.

On its part, the HPA aims to improve the policies of HR in Egypt and contribute efficiently to drafting the laws that have to do with the human factor. Such laws pertain to businesses, especially since the members are the ones applying them and are aware of what should be put into effect in the sector at the time when the association seeks to enhance commutation among HR professionals.

About Allianz Egypt:

Allianz is a multinational German insurance group operating since 1890. In 1976, Allianz Egypt started as a shareholder in Arab International Insurance Company (AIIC). In 2000, Allianz raised its ownership of AIIC to 85%. Four years later, Allianz fully acquired the company, offering life insurance, health insurance and property insurance services for individuals and companies through 16 branches and strategic partnerships with major banks in Egypt.

About HPA:

Human Resource Association (HPA) – Egypt started operating in 2010 as a non-governmental organization (NGO) that seeks to meet the needs of HR professionals and the concerned parties.

The association has set several goals; among them is to raise the social awareness of the different institutions of the significance of the HR field.

Furthermore, HPA has taken it upon itself to gather HR professionals to exchange experiences and issues of common interest as well as form a community for the profession. The association also holds several, periodic meetings where specialists are invited to train the members on new HR trends and strategies.

HPA represents the profession and the HR professionals before the different governmental institutions in a bid to develop the legislations that have to do with the field as the association’s members are the ones concerned with applying these laws at the companies where they operate.