Achieving a record performance and solid increase of 129% compared to FY2021 FABMISR reports EGP 4.5 billion Net Profit in 2022

·        Fayed: FABMISR’s FY2022 performance affirms the effectiveness of its solid strategy to substantially expand in the Egyptian market

Cairo – April 5th, 2023: First Abu Dhabi Bank Misr (FABMISR), one of the largest private banks operating in Egypt, reported a net profit of EGP4.5 billion, during the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022, with a record increase of 129% compared to 2021.

During FY2022, the total value of deposits stood at EGP139.38 billion and was driven by a 35% increase compared to the previous year, while the net value of loans jumped 11% to record EGP48.91 billion.

As of the end of December 2022, total assets grew by 55% compared to 2021 to reach EGP206.45 billion, whereas net income from fees and commissions surged by 40% achieving EGP1.48 billion. Meanwhile, net income from interest stood at EGP7.08 billion to record a rise of 35% compared to FY2021. It is worth noting that the comparative results, FY2022 vs. FY2021 are based on the figures of First Abu Dhabi Bank Egypt and Bank Audi for FYE2021 vs FABMISR merged entity in 2022.

Commenting on the bank’s 2022financial results, Mohamed Abbas Fayed, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of FABMISR, said: “In a milestone year, FABMISR’s 2022 performance affirms the effectiveness of its solid strategy to expand and grow in Egypt, amid a turbulent global backdrop. We are committed to continuing our plans to achieve this strategy during the upcoming financial year. To deliver on that commitment, we are keen to continue our cooperation with reputable entities to meet the needs of our customers of all segments, as well as participating in various initiatives that support the state’s endeavors to achieve financial inclusion and drive economic growth further, in line with the state’s sustainable development strategy ‘Egypt Vision 2030’. We are proud of our performance and increase in annual profits which were mainly driven by our solid operational performance across all segments, and reflecting the soundness of our prudent strategy in Egypt and solid financial position.”

FABMISR has a well-thought-out expansion plan that focuses on offering integrated banking products and services tailored to customers of all segments, as well as increasing the number of branches and ATMs across Egypt; contributing to achieving the state’s financial inclusion strategy.

Moreover, FABMISR’s social responsibility strategy features great support for various fields, especially sports, art, culture and sustainability. The bank follows a flexible strategy that is able to cope with the rapid economic changes, the exchange rate, and the future of interest witnessed locally and globally.



FABMISR, a subsidiary of the First Abu Dhabi Bank Group (FAB), is one of the largest foreign banks operating in Egypt. FABMISR’s local network operates through 62 branches, where it provides leading banking products and services that cater to all customer segments; along with achieving the highest value for its stakeholders and employees. Moreover, the bank offers a personalized banking experience to meet the various expectations of its customers from large organizations, SMEs and consumers whilst utilizing its global experience to support stakeholders, entrepreneurs and the local economy.   

FAB is one of the world’s largest and safest financial institutions with an international network spanning over five continents. The bank also offers global relationships, extensive experience, and financial strength to support local, regional, and international companies seeking to manage their businesses at home and abroad.

FAB is rated Aa3, AA- and AA- by Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s (S&P, and Fitch, respectively), making it the most robust aggregate rating of banks in the Middle East and North Africa region. FAB is also a regional leader in sustainability and is part of the MSCI ESG Leaders Index and FTSE4Good EM.

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